The Great Debate

Back by popular demand!

A regular favourite of the Volunteering Victoria State Conference program, The Great Debate sees two teams battle it out for ultimate sector glory.

Topic: 'Our Culture is Killing Volunteering.'

Meet the Debaters

Meet the Moderator

Scott Miller

A few years ago, Scott made the bold decision to resign from his job as CEO of Volunteering Victoria to pursue what he believed was his true calling: a career as a professional debate moderator.

It all began when he had Geoff Sharp moderate the 2018 Volunteering Victoria Great Debate. Scott was mesmerised by Geoff’s poise, control, and witty interjections. Scott was convinced that with Geoff’s charisma and quick thinking, he could bring the same level of excitement to the world of debates.

Scott invested in tailored suits, polished his oratory skills, and even took a course in rhetoric. He imagined himself moderating high-stakes debates, deftly handling heated exchanges, and earning the respect of politicians and pundits alike. His friends and family were both amused and bemused by his newfound ambition.

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Scott started small, moderating local debates at community centres and schools. Scott quickly discovered that maintaining order in a room full of passionate debaters was more challenging than it looked. His attempts at witty interjections often fell flat, and his efforts to mediate fiery exchanges sometimes led to even more chaos.

Undeterred, he aimed higher, applying for national debate competitions, and even sending his résumé to major news networks. However, he soon realised that the world of professional debate moderating was far more competitive than he had anticipated. Despite his best efforts, his career didn’t take off as he had hoped. His signature move, the “Polite Interruption,” failed to make the impact he envisioned, and he often found himself overshadowed by seasoned moderators with decades of experience.

After several less-than-stellar performances and one particularly memorable debate where he lost control entirely, he had to face the truth: his dream of becoming a renowned debate moderator was not to be.

So, Scott returned to the professional world, bringing with him a wealth of entertaining stories and a renewed appreciation for his previous career. While his stint as a professional debate moderator didn’t pan out, it left him with valuable lessons and a reminder that sometimes, our passions are best kept as hobbies.

I'd come to the State Conference just for The Great Debate alone!

Always the highlight of the conference!