Short Presentations (Day 2)

Stream: Research & Strategies (Round 3)

Is it Crisis Time for Rural Volunteering? Challenges Facing Rural Volunteers and VIO

by Assoc. Prof. Leonie Lockstone-Binney, Griffith University

Engaging Environmental Volunteers: A Capacity Building Initiative

by Em Prof Dorothy Scott AM, Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater and Amy Tipton as a co-presenter

Stream: Networks & Partnerships (Round 3)

Stream: Networks & Partnerships (Round 4)

Stream: Future (Round 4)

Volunteering 2030: Dead or Alive?

by Heike Fleischmann, Palliative Care Victoria

Attracting, Recruiting and Engaging Multicultural Youth Volunteers

by Sandeep Varma, Centre for Multicultural Youth

Empowering the Future Changemakers of Australia

by Romy Katz, Kids in Philanthropy

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