Short Presentations (Day 2)

Stream: Research & Strategies (Round 3)

Is it Crisis Time for Rural Volunteering? Challenges Facing Rural Volunteers and VIO

by Assoc. Prof. Leonie Lockstone-Binney, Griffith University

Engaging Environmental Volunteers: A Capacity Building Initiative

by Em Prof Dorothy Scott AM, Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater and Amy Tipton as a co-presenter

Stream: Networks & Partnerships (Round 3)

Stream: Networks & Partnerships (Round 4)

Stream: Future (Round 4)

Volunteering 2030: Dead or Alive?

by Heike Fleischmann, Palliative Care Victoria

Attracting, Recruiting and Engaging Multicultural Youth Volunteers

by Sandeep Varma, Will Clarke, Yakov Clarke-Demaj, Jane Chen & Abdullahi Mohamud Ali, Centre for Multicultural Youth

Empowering the Future Changemakers of Australia

by Romy Katz, Kids in Philanthropy

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